Training the Trainers

Trainers may be equipped with the right knowledge for the course they’re teaching, it still takes skill to train and influence others. They also need to undergo training to know how to creatively and informatively organize an effective program to the right audience. This course will be introduced to new teaching methods and training techniques to further improve their teaching skills.

• Ability to create programs suited for the specific course
• Create an appropriate and effective learning environment
• Know the right teaching methods and techniques to be use in a specific program
• Gain insight on other methods used by other trainers

This course will use lecture-discussion with demonstrations and examples, interactive discussion, and practical exercises.

• The role of a trainer
• Adult Learning
• Methods, Techniques, and Tools
• Creating a Training program
• Maximizing training resources
• Improving presentation and training skills
• Communicating with impact
• Evaluating effectiveness of training

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