Techniques of Financial Analysis

Techniques of Financial Analysis

This course will provide the participants with the basic concepts and tools in analyzing and interpreting financial data. It will assist them in all the techniques available to identify and fix problem areas for effective financial analysis especially, in using financial statements. It will also provide analysis techniques to evaluate proposals for profit potential.

  • Apply the various tools and techniques in analyzing financial reports
  • Understand the applicable concepts to specific situations
  • Identify the connection and relationship among financial statements and reports
  • Accomplish a correct and comprehensive financial analysis

The course will utilize lectures with presentations and interactive class discussionwith real-life case studies. Trainees will also be encouraged to brainstorm ideas during seat works/activities.

  • Basic Accounting and Financial concepts and principles
  • Conceptual framework of accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • Financial statements
  • Techniques of financial analysis
  • Case Study

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