Parenting Hacks and Tips

Parenting Hacks and Tips

Parenting is no easy task especially for children defying your requests. Parents always want the best for them starting from toddlers to teens and becoming an adult like them. They should have an ability of controlling their temper. The main goal of parenting is to teach children self-discipline.


Most of the children love race. Make them love their tasks and do it quickly by using a stopwatch or doing a countdown. Build your child’s confidence by letting them show you activities like putting their clothes on or drawing or painting. Praise them whenever they do something great so they would feel good and repeat their performance next time.


Children feel happy when they win a game. However, when they lose, they might feel bad, scream and throw a tantrum. Parents should be able to teach them sportsmanship by talking with them beforehand. By regularly having a conversation with a child reminds him of showing proper behavior.


Make them a bracelet or necklace with parents’ phone number in case a child gets lost in public.


Teach simple household chores like sweeping and turn it into a game for more fun experience for children.

choresAsk your teenage child to clean the room and reward him or her with their favourite food.

Little Boy Lacing his Shoes --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

To get kids to easily learn putting their shoes by themselves, cut a sticker in half and put inside the shoes. Teach them which is left and which is the right shoe.


Make your child love bedtime not only by telling them stories but making their bed cute by decorating it with special designs of their choice.