Study Smart

Study Smart

Studying sometimes is difficult. Students have homeworks, projects, reports, presentations and exams to study for. Aside from these, students have other activities in their personal and social lives.


Understanding concepts and learning new ideas are the ways we learn. We should organize these ideas to make it easier for us to recall instead of cramming last minute.


There are learning strategies we can use. In memorizing, we can simply stare at our notes for several minutes.  Using acronyms and other mnemonics are tools to make information retain faster in our mind. We can learn same information in different ways. It means it can be by reading your notes from class, textbook, online resources or teach someone about what you’ve learned to make you more familiarize.


Study a bit of different subjects everyday instead on focusing to just one subject. Schedule review intervals to make information long-term in the memory.


Another useful strategy is to sit in front of the class. It can make you attentive to class since you are in front of the teacher. Your concentration will improve as well.


Have a study break rather than tiring yourself all day. It can best help you to avoid using phone or computer which will just distract your study schedule.  To keep you motivated, you can reward yourself after you get a good result of your exam.


Most importantly, have a healthy lifestyle. Drink at least eight glasses a day. Exercise at least three times a week. Get enough sleep for at least eight hours. In this way, you will not only have a healthy body but a strong mind.


Focus on your learning goals, not on trying to reach a certain grade. Enjoy studying without putting pressure on yourself so much. We must remember that education is not about getting high grades but about learning and contributing effectively to the society someday.