Acho Regie

Acho Regie


For almost 10 years, Mr. Regie C. Boquio paved ways for arranging training in the Philippines for the clients from Bhutan. He has arranged and successfully managed different training that served more than 1,000 Bhutanese professionals on different fields.

Tracing his work background, he initially worked at Informatics as a Technical Person, where he was first exposed to training for international professionals as he was a Technical Person there and acquired his skills in coordinating training. His good interpersonal relationship skills deep understanding of the Bhutanese culture brought him a lot of clients.


Mr. Regie together with his first ever trainee in 2009, Mr. Birju Sunwar of Ministry of Health

His first client, Mr. Birju Sunwar, whom he met back in January 2009,still contacts him if there are clients who are looking for a training in the Philippines,

“Mr. Regie Boquio, my best buddy, is such a wonderful gentleman. His assistance towards me and the people I introduced him to is immeasurable, in regards to any matter. He is the most trustworthy, selfless and reliable person.  He never lets us down while availing training in Philippines. I must say he is our “Bhutanese Ambassador in the Philippines. He really takes care of all the Bhutanese coming to his place of training institute.I wish him and his beloved family all the good luck and successes in their career and future endeavors. All the very best my dearest Buddy!”


Godfather Mr. Birju Sunwar together with godson Matthew (Mr. Regie’s son)

They are very good friends that Mr.Birju even became the godfather “ninong” of Regie’s son, Matthew.

He left his work at Informatics in 2014.


RMA's IT Department hosted Mr. Regie for lunch in Thimpu

RMA’s IT Department hosted Mr. Regie for lunch in Thimpu

Regie has visited the Royal Government of Bhutan twice, which even tightened his relationships, which are grounded on trust and friendship, with every Bhutanese client he has ever served.

Mr. Regie's friends from Gross National Happiness

Mr. Regie’s friends from Gross National Happiness

His visits in Bhutan were fruitful and pleasing, that when he availed of the local sim card there and posted his number online, a lot of his previous clients were calling him up and inviting him to bond with them that in a day, he had around 6-7 meetings.


Regie’s former trainees from Bhutan Telecom

In the industry that he is working with, it is very important to know and be familiar with the client, especially their culture, tradition, and preferences, and Regie already knows about the Bhutanese, which makes him very loved by them.

Regie's picture in Tiger's Nest

Regie’s picture in Tiger’s Nest

He is now working for the International Academy for Continuous Education as the Training Coordinator. He loves his work and is really aiming to give the best kind of training for every client. All clients that he has served are really lucky to have been taken care of by such a work-dedicated person.

Photoshop picture of Mr. Regie together with his clients/friends from different ministries in Bhutan

Photoshop picture of Mr. Regie together with his clients/friends from different ministries in Bhutan

When asked how he manages to arrange different training for clients, “I have spent years working in a corporate setting and I must say that that has contributed greatly to the development of my work performance. It is very important that one loves his work, I mean, you must not be after the money (but of course, that’s part of it), but you must be after the purpose of your work delivered in an efficient manner, not doing the work just for the sake of doing it, quality is the key. One may do work in a short period of time but in a not-so satisfying manner. But others do work in a slow pace but you are sure that they did their work efficiently. The secret is, you do both. Do work efficiently in a reasonable period of time. But most importantly, aim to provide for the specific need/s of your client. Just love what you’re doing and all will go smoothly. Compassion and hard work will make your work, whatever it may be, effective.”