3 Simple ways to help the environment

3 Simple Ways to Help the Environment

We all have read articles about ways to help the environment. Most of them suggest that you plant more trees, take on conservation practices, reducing, reusing and recycling, but every day, there is a calling that we try harder and exert more effort, do more to live more, and everyone is expected to really cooperate and take environmental issues seriously. Just because we are not experiencing its effects firsthand, doesn’t mean we can take things for granted. For all we know, it might hit us in the face someday.


If you haven’t asked this question to yourself, then you clearly don’t care about what’s going to happen to you, to your loved ones, and to everyone around you once Mother Earth heats up and collapses.

Remarkably, there are numerous ways to be of beneficial change that we can do every day, some are even activities we actually do but don’t appreciate the effects that they carry.

  1. Take E-Waste as an example, everyone is using smartphones and other different gadgets. The problem on E-Waste comes in once a new model comes out, people tend to just dispose what they currently have and opt for the latest model, well because, it’s the LATEST, they can afford to buy anyway.So where does that old model go? Mostly, they go into waste since these products are already not in the trend and you can’t boast of it, some are usually phase out, people wouldn’t avail of an old model.

LIVE simply. If your phone, doesn’t require you to purchase a new one, then don’t purchase a new one. Of course, you wait until it gets defective and not just drop it on the floor and say “Oops, I need a new one.” Use your money in more charitable ways. Don’t change gadgets as often as you change your underwear.


  1. Transportation is part of our lives, may it be to work, to school, to the mall, to your house, to the cemetery, or to just wherever Dora the Explorer would bring you, it’s is as essential as breathing nowadays.

For those driving every day, select days in a week (other than the Coding days) to use the public transportation vehicles. You may even avail of the services of carpooling, where you get to ride with other people towards the same destination. Not only will you save gasoline and contribute to controlling air pollution, you will also gain friends along the way, who knows, you may even meet your special someone in that bus ride.


  1. Avail of those tumblers or mugs sold by your favorite coffee shops. This is crucial to those people who basically live in those coffee shops. If you’re part of the upper class people, then purchasing those pricey tumblers and mugs is just like throwing a coin in a wishing fountain. Or if you’re a bit tight on budget, then just save up a little enough to get one. If most of you are unaware, using said mugs or tumblers will entitle you to a discounted price (P5.00 off for Starbucks). You saved money, you even saved Mother Earth by not using plastic. Win-win situation.