Benefits of Drinking Tea

Benefits of Drinking Tea

There are many health benefits attributed to drinking tea, from calming one’s self and being a medicinal source for curing diseases (cancer-prevention due to tea’s anti-oxidant properties and) to weight loss.

ANYTHING has its own positive and/or negative effects. But this article will mostly discuss about the benefits of tea and of its content.


Caffeine Source

It is common to hear people say “Tea has much more caffeine than coffee”, this is in need of significant qualification. If you need caffeine in your system, then you may have tea.

There is also a way to reduce the caffeine level of any tea if you are sensitive to it. A Chinese method of tea-making known as Gong Fu Cha (Tea With Great Skill) uses small teapots and multiplevery short and abrupt brews to intensify the flavour of tea and reduce caffeine levels. It washes away much of the caffeine which is highly soluble in water.

Tea as Chinese Medicine

The following are the benefits of different kinds of tea common in Chinese medicine.

  1. Black Tea – Reduces fat, protein and low-density cholesterol, protects lungs from damage, promotes dental health and strong bones, reduces fatigue and the possibility of stroke, stimulates the central nervous system, and enhances blood vessel elasticity and strength
  2. Green Tea– Tea catechins have anti-bacterial and anti-virus properties in the mouth and intestines, regulates cholesterol and high blood pressure, lower blood sugar and improve blood flow, reduces risk of neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. White Tea– reduces inflammation caused by rheumatoid arthritis, controls insulin secretion, high source of Vitamin A, prevents dry eyes and night blindness, reduces radiation levels and repair DNA damage, it has also been believed to have the most potent anti-cancer properties than processed teas.
  4. Oolong Tea– prevents tooth decay, high source of Vitamin C, good for the skin, thus, reduces skin irritations, improves the performance of enzymes that break down fat and increases fat metabolism, lowers cholesterol and regulates body temperature.
  5. Pu-Erh Tea – Aids digestion and fat break down, also used in the treatment of arteriosclerosis, colds, bleeding and hepatitis, source of High level of Vitamin C.

Herbal Teas

  1. Chamomile Teaprevent diabetes complications like vision loss, nerve and kidney damage
  1. Hibiscus – lowers blood pressure
  1. Rooibos (red tea) has cancer-fighting properties