Strategic Leadership and Thinking

Being a leader is never easy nor simple. It takes more than just having the desire to lead and the vision to govern. Through this course, students will be equipped with the necessary skills in becoming an effective leader in order to have an open-minded and strategic perspective in creating plans and decisions in business, in the workplace, and with your employees or subordinates. They’ll learn how to effectively formulate strategic plans that will generate positive results not just in the present but also in the long run.

• Learn how to assess current situations in your organization and see how it may impact the future
• Develop strategies and plans needed for both present and future purposes of your organization
• Learn how to communicate effectively and confidently
• Be a leader that is both respected and trusted by his peers and employees

This course will use lecture, interactive discussion, and workshops/exercises.

• Introduction to Leadership
• Elements of Effective Leaders
• Strategic Leadership
• Developing Strategic Leadership
• Strategic Thinking for Leaders
• Tools Needed for Strategic Thinking
• Applying the lesson through Strategic Planning

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