Principles of Money and Banking

Principles of Money and Banking

If money is the blood of the business industry then banks are the pumping station that sustains the economy’s life. It can also be said that a working and stable bank can signify a healthy and sound economy. This is why getting a deeper understanding of monetary policies and the banking system is crucial to anyone involved the business and economic sector.
Thus this course will give us a better and more comprehensive understanding of money and banking. Trainees will be introduced to the fundamentals of banking as well as its structure and operation.

Learn and comprehend the basic concepts and principles of money
Have a better grasp on financial system
Know and understand how banks operate and its importance
Learn how monetary policies, banking system, and financial markets are interrelated

This course will utilize lectures with visual presentation as well as interactive discussion to engage the students.

Understanding Money
How Money flows
Structure an operation of the Banking System
Monetary Policies
International Banking
Central Bank Structure
Central Banks Around The World
Approaches to central banking used in developing economies

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