Leadership Management

In all levels of an organization, there is that one person who possess the right attitude and skill to become a leader but lacks the proper training or need further encouragement to become a true leader.

This course will help equip the necessary knowledge to become an effective leader, regardless of position or title. Through this course, you’ll learn different leadership styles, skills, and techniques to help you better manage your organization, and bring out the best in your employees and organization.

• Apply the techniques and different leadership skills to create your personal style of leadership
• Assess yourself to make necessary adjustment and improvement on your leadership skills and style
• Understand how your organization works and see if the system needs change or improvement
• Use creative thinking to solve problems

This course will use lecture, interactive discussion, and workshops/exercises.

• Introduction to Leadership
• Seeing Yourself as a Leader
• Communicating with Impact
• Influencing People
• Working with others
• Problem Solving and Decision Making
• Leaders as Change Agents

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