Institutional Study Visit

IACE believes in output-driven education that is acceptable to international standards as theoretical learning combined with the exposure to the real-life situations and application is a very effective learning strategy for those who are working and dealing with industries that are more inclined to its application rather than in its theory and concepts.

Exposure to different environments aligned with the trainee’s work can be an effective learning tool for professionals as they will be able to compare and contrast different systems and develop or come up with innovative ones, thus, through the offered institutional visits, trainees will be introduced to the current workflow in the corporate or government setting in the Philippines and open more connections to be globally competent.

Consequently, IACE developed Institutional visits to fulfill the Academy’s aim to not only provide a common structured curriculum but an adaptive and learner-centered oriented program that will immerse them in concepts, best practice, and even experience a different kind of culture.

Certificates would be given to participants upon completion of the training.

Recently Conducted Institutional Study Visit

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