Investment Banking

Investment Banking

This course explores the business of investment banking from both a historic and current perspective. It highlights the forces that have transformed the business to what it is today—and what it is becoming. It utilizes examples from the industry discussing different strategies and approaches to the business as well as delineating those indicators that are crucial to the success or failure of the industry.

  • Able to identify and assess suitable IPO candidates
  • Understand the advantages and disadvantages of public offerings
  • Prepare required documents and other supporting documents
  • Appropriately coordinate public issues with accountants, lawyers and regulatory bodies
  • Manage security underwritings for their firms.

The course will utilize lectures with presentations and interactive class discussion. Trainees will also be encourage to brainstorm ideas during seat works/activities.

The finance function: An overview and introduction
The mathematics of finance and investments
Basic financial planning
Working capital management
The Financing decision

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