Gender and Development

Throughout the years, gender has always been a sensitive and debatable topic. The clashing of perspectives and the outcries of different genders have gradually shape our history and the world. Though changes have been made today, the fight for equality still persist. Through this program, hope arises that people will see the importance of gender equality. Students will learn the different facts including historical overviews and statistics, and issues about the situation of women and men in society to help them create policies and form appropriate views about gender.

• Understand why different gender issue arise
• Identify the different policies created to promote gender equality
• Integrate appropriate gender equality views and policies both in the work place and in personal values
• Respond accordingly to different gender issues that arise in the workplace or even community

This course will use lecture, interactive discussion, and workshops. Participants will also be encourage to share their ideas, views, and personal experiences regarding the topics.

• Introduction to Gender and Development
• Analyzing Gender Issues
• Understanding Gender Roles
• Promoting Gender Equality

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