About Arman A. Lapira

Mr. Lapira is a graduate from the University of Technology, Sydney with Bachelor’s Degree in IT. He is an accomplished Senior Operations Manager with an intensive and extensive background on Service Delivery, Workforce and Capacity Planning, Training and Talent Development and Process Improvement. He is considered to be a 12-year BPO veteran driving business results and maximizing profitability through the delivery of exceptional product quality and service and prudent management of people, technology and processes. He has proven ability to manage budgets; align technology strategy with corporate strategy; set business and group goals; and lead large management teams to achieve project goals and exceed client expectations.  He has acquired Level-IV, Trainer’s certification from John Clements Consulting group to improve implementation and design of training methodologies, TMPlus certification under TESDA, CCAP and BPAP at the University of Makati. He has designed training modules and implementation for medical professionals to meet US provider needs for medical documentation and clinical workflow support. He also specializes in facilitating leadership and workforce seminars for company leaders and contributed to skill-alignment and enhancement objectives for internal promotions and met succession plan goals of 1:1 internal-to-external leadership ratios.