Developing Personal Effectiveness

Personal effectiveness is an important skill that employees must possess. This course will help students acquire and develop this skill, enabling them to work in their greatest potential and maximize their strength while producing quality outputs. Furthermore, this will hasten their professional and personal skill to manage and develop a better self in the workplace

• A better understanding of oneself
• Being able to identify personal goals and planning how to achieve them
• Be able to deal with others and build better office relationships
• Manage stress effectively
• Apply the techniques in increasing motivation and gaining more confidence
• Continue self-development

This course will use lecture, interactive discussion, and workshops/exercises. Participants will also be encourage to share their ideas and views regarding the topics.

• Mind Empowerment
• Self-Image Empowerment
• Attitude Empowerment
• Word and Appreciation Empowerment
• Motivation Empowerment

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