Customer Service for Supervisor

This course is designed to help supervisors, or even those in the higher ranks comprehend the importance of customer service and why it is vital in the business. This will help supervisor effectively manage his/her team and at the same time fully understand their customers to in order to satisfy them.

• Understand the importance of customers and customer service in a business
• Understand what drives or satisfy a customer
• Identify the qualities or elements in a business that is contributing effectively or that still needs improvement
• Create and supervise effectively and efficiently your team

The course will utilize participative lectures with visual presentations, interactive discussion, and role-playing or exercises/hands-on activities to engage students.

• Introduction
• Teamworking and Teambuilding
• Managing Communication and Body Language
• Conducting Performance Appraisals
• Coaching and Mentoring Staff
• Motivating Staff and Conflict Handling Skills
• Time Management Skills
• Leading and Managing Change

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