Credit Analysis

Credit Analysis

Credit Analysis is important. It tests the financial capability of a business or an organization. It used to evaluate the financial capability of a corporate borrower or individuals.  Through the information gathered in the analysis, banks or other lending institutions avoid risks or profit loss.

This course is designed to give an introductory but practical guide on credit analysis. It will teach basic analyzing tools and how to use it to properly assess the creditworthiness of different institutions.

  • Learn the risks involved in lendingand whether you should take one
  • Perform a complete credit analysis with ease
  • Ability to evaluate and identify businesses, companies, or individuals creditworthiness

This training will include detailed lectures accompanied by case studies, interactive discussions, and actual credit analysis practice.

  • Introduction to Credit Analysis
  • Credit Analysis Principles and Terminologies
  • Financial Analysis
  • Profit and Loss, and Cash Flow Forecast
  • Overview on Lending
  • Risks involved in Credit Analysis

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