Corporate Finance Business Forum

Corporate Finance Business Forum

This business forum provides basic techniques focusing on the modern fundamentals of corporate financial decision-making with specific reference to investment, financing and dividend distribution. The course aims to familiarize the participants to Financial Mathematics and Security Valuation. It also provides Techniques for Capital Investment Decisions, Financial Decision-Making under uncertainty (portfolio theory and capital market theory), Corporate Capital Structure, Cost of Capital, Dividend decision and policy.

  • Introduce essential aspects of Financial Decision-Making in business
  • Develop ways to think systematically to solve a problem for which no existing technique is suitable or available
  • Develop distinctive conceptual frameworks and specialized tools for solving real world financial problems at the corporate level.
  • Appreciate the relevance of the course to professional, disciplinary and personal contexts

The course includes in-class exercises wherein materials are brought to the realm of real-world practice. The course will also engage participants to groups of discussion addressing questions, problems, and issues surrounding each topic.

  • The nature of Corporate Finance Business Forum
  • Distinguishing different types of business structure
  • Identifying the Major Corporate Financial Decisions and Corporate Objective
  • Important basic concepts on Time-value Calculations by using Financial Mathematics
  • Applying skills in Evaluation Debt and Equity Securities
  • The nature of Interest Rate Risk and the theories that are used to explain it
  • Applying skills in Evaluating Capital Budgeting Projects by using different Methods of Project Evaluation
  • Applying skills in Risk and Return Measurement
  • The definition of the Basic Portfolio Theory
  • The use of the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM)
  • Applying skills in Estimating Cost of Equity
  • Estimation of the Cost of each source of Capital and the combination of these costs into a Weighted Average Cost of
  • Capital for a company
  • The Nature of the Capital Structure
  • Main Factors that Financial Managers should consider when determining a company’s Financing Strategy
  • The Theories detailing the Capital Structure and Assessment of the Implications of the Empirical Evidence from recent studies on Capital Structure
  • The Theories relating Dividends to Share Price and Cost of Capital
  • The Concept of Market Efficiency and distinguishing between Different Categories of Market Efficiency

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