Stress Management

Stress is defined to be “simply a reaction to a stimulus that disturbs our physical or mental equilibrium.” Some positivists claim that stress is just formed in the mind and that we wouldn’t be stressed if we do not give into the idea of it. It might actually work, see, if you begin convincing yourself that you can do something and not waste energy stressing over it, then you’re doing yourself a favor. Mindset.


stopCALM YOURSELF. FIND THAT INNER PEACE. Panicking over the initial impact of stress would not solve anything. Before you begin stressing over something, ask yourself “Have I adequately prepared for it?” If yes, then what are you stressing about? If you answered no, ask yourself next, “Can I do something about it?” If yes, then why are you stressing about it? If no, then you better get moving. 

flexibleBE FLEXIBLE WITH CHANGES AND SURPRISES.They are inevitable. You cannot run away with changes in the plans or in what you have prepared for. You have to be always in your a-game and eager to adapt.

planPRIORITIES. Sometimes, you get overwhelmed with work and you want to prove yourself. In return, you fail to give your fullest and best work with the task at hand AND you get stressed if you can’t accomplish everything. You get stressed with the queued activities. Learn to say “no”. Negotiate priorities. Take Superman, he can’t be Superman and Clark Kent at the same time, Batman cannot be Batman and Bruce at the same time.

Prevention is the best cure.There are a lot of ways to deal with stress management, take classes, divert your energy into other things, workout, socialize, and a lot of other things. You wouldn’t be stressed if you don’t expose yourself to potential stress inducers. But once you get face to face with stress, deal with it, overcome it, survive it, and win against it.



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