Origin of Valentine’s Day


People exchange cards, love letters, gifts, candies, chocolates and flowers during 14th of February.  Valentine’s Day is the day of romance and showing affection for another person. It is to give honor to Saint Valentine.


It started in the 3rd century with an oppressive Roman emperor named Claudius II and Christian Martyr named Valentinus. Emperor Claudius banned marriage because he thought unmarried men made better soldiers while married men made bad soldiers. Valentinus broke the rules and secretly arranged marriage because he thought that the emperor was unfair. He was caught and thrown in the jail. He was even sentenced to death on February 14. But before he was taken to be killed, he sent a love letter to the jailer’s daughter whom he felt in love with.  The letter was signed with “form your valentine”.


Celebrating the romance day originated from Roman festival called ‘Lupercalia’ in the middle of February. It was a pagan fertility and heath festival during 13th to 15th of February. During this gathering, boys drew names of girls from a box and they will be boyfriend and girlfriend for that day. They can also be married.


Time passed by, the festival was turned into a Christian celebration by Pope Gelasius to remember St. Valentine. Today, it is special day to express love for important people in one’s life. It could be our mother, father, grandparents, siblings, teacher or a special someone.



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