IACE-Philippines and IMSL-Bhutan signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement

IACE-Philippines and IMSL-Bhutan signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement

About International Academy for Continuous Education

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The International Academy for Continuous Education (IACE) is an executive educational institution catering to the demands of industry and aims to turn the tide of continuous learning in the Philippines. It is currently in the forefront of developing cutting edge programs geared towards harnessing the innate talents of its trainees. It provides not just a common structured curriculum, but also adaptive and learner-centered programs that will immerse participants in concepts, best practice, and even experience a different kind of culture.

IACE x IMSL Joint Venture Agreement


Thus, to uphold and stay true to its aims and visions, IACE partnered with the Institute for Management Studies Limited (IMSL), a pulsating limited institute in Bhutan, established in 2008, coinciding with the historic coronation of Druk Gyalpo Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck and the centenary celebration of monarchy.
This joint venture will strengthen the partnership and connection of both institutes for their respective countries for a more successful and interactive community of learning.

About Institute for Management Studies Limited (IMSL)


Institute for Management Studies Limited (IMSL) was founded by a group of enthusiastic promoters with long years of working experience in the government, corporate and private sectors.

It has contributed in developing human capacities and human dynamics in the country through its wide range of innovative services that is abreast with the pace of time. IMS has entrusted itself with the mandate to engage in the development of human resources in the public and private sector agencies. Its development intervention is mainly through training and consultancy services in the field of management.



IACE and IMS shall be launching the first run of the program Seeds of Happiness for the Philippines, this will be happening by the 3rd Quarter of 2017.

Seeds of Happiness
The program creates a rare experience of time and space for you to contemplate and reflect so that you gain new insights and meanings and attain a more balanced and a harmonious way of living your life. Seeds of Happiness simply brings these serenemystical settings to recreate an experience – exotic and extraordinary for you to re-discover yourself. Through reflections and meditations, interaction with the Bhutanese, storytelling and field visits to touch, to feel and to taste Bhutan, this 6-Day Program will take you through the outdoor experience and visits, complemented by talks, discussions and interactive sessions on nurturing Seeds of Happiness.

It includes the following activities which will be conducted by IMS at Bhutan:

1. GNH: connecting to personal happiness
Upon arrival, visitors will be welcomed by receiving Khadhar (a ceremonial scarf of good luck) at Paro Airport. They will also understand the concept of the famous GNP – Gross National Happiness, and know all about its development Philosophy.

2. Meet the Bhutanese: discussing Stories of Happiness
A prologue will open the program in The Bhutanese way with a ritual in the Temple to have pleasant stay by invoking the deities. Visitors will be able to get an insight of Bhutan and catch glimpses of Bhutan’s emergence as a nation. They will also visit Kuensel Phordang and see one of the biggest statues of Buddha in the world where they may wish for peace and prosperity. The spectacular view of the capital city will also be viewed. In the Happiness Garden, the visitors will be able to plant a tree of Happiness and leave behind their foot prints in Bhutan. An interactive session on the culture of Bhutan will make the visitors know more about birth and death. Furthermore, to get in touch and let their friends know their adventure and travel while in Bhutan, they can get their personal stamp and send their wishes home. Team building and exercise of bonding with traditional games (Archery and Darts) will pave ways for the visitors to befriend and be in the company of others, that will surely gain them lots of friends at the end of the day as they have met Bhutanese people and have shared personal stories on Life and Happiness over the warmth of a bon fire.

3. Living with nature: hiking, rafting, playing traditional games, camping with bonfire
Hiking to ChhimiLhakang, the Temple known for its spiritual power for fertility and to KhamsumYuelleyNamgyel, Stupa dedicated to the fifth King and for world peace, and hiking through paddy fields will make the visitors feel and know the rural side of Bhutan. A raft ride in the Mochhu, the female glacier river and paying a visit to the fortress of great happiness, or the fortress between male and female rivers will give the visitors a memorable experience. They will also be able to hike at the Taktshang monastery (Tiger’s Den), a 2-3 hours uphill walk along the woods wherein they will have spectacular photo moments and relish a walk on the 800 meters high cliff face. And after all these hikes, they can relax with a hot stone bath.

4. A day at Village
Immersion in the village will be experienced by the visitors as they will be meeting and eating with the Bhutanese farmers and their family, interaction with the Bhutanese children and educators as they visit a school.
5. They will also get to wear and try on the Bhutanese Gho and Kira.

6. The Takin Reserve will give the visitors the opportunity to see the Takin (budorcastaxicolor), Bhutan’s national animal mythically created by a divine mad man. The handicraft market will also be visited. Driving to the old capital of Bhutan, Punakha will bring enjoyment to the visitors followed by the passing at the Halt at the Dochula, where they will feel the walk among the clouds and enjoy the spectacular view of the snowcapped mountains of the western Himalayas. Drinking Tea and some picture taking will be done at the Royal Botanical Park, they will also get to see His Majesty’s office and take pictures of it as background and the Paro Valley. They will also get to visit the fortress, “the heap of jewels” where famous Hollywood movie ‘The little Buddha’ was filmed and stroll at the Paro town.
Seeds of Happiness invite everyone to enjoy a higher quality of life by attaining a harmonic balance of living and experience a new culture.

For more information about the Seed of Happiness kindly contact International Academy for Continuous Education at +63 2 9869814 or email us at info@iace.ph



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