Filipino – Bhutanese Friendship: How compatible are they?


The Philippines, located in South East Asia, is considered to be the 3rd Happiest Country in Asia according to survey. The country boasts of its people as generally happy and friendly. Filipinos are ones who you can easily talk to. Any topic under the sun, they will listen to you and try to converse with you always with a smile. In fact, they smile even if they are already suffering. Foreigners are often fond of Filipinos as they are full of bright ideas and are accommodating, they are mostly optimistic and they look forward to a better event after an unfortunate one, this is why they were hailed to be “Resilient and flexible like a bamboo”.


Bhutan, The Happiest country in Asia, also located in South East Asia, is a home to, yes, very happy people. They are satisfied and contented with their lives and they do not seek for more material things. They live simply and are genuinely happy with it. The Bhutanese people are really nice people and are really friendly. Any visitor of this beautiful country shall gain a lot of friends after his/her trip.

IACE's Director Aries Balanay and Regie Boquio together with NPPF Friends

IACE’s Director Aries Balanay and Regie Boquio together with NPPF Friends

So what do the stars have to say with these happy countries in relation to a possible friendship? It will most likely  bloom  since both people are the types who strive to connect with their friends no matter where they are.  They  value and remember the people they meet in their lives. You can never regret and go wrong once you befriend a Filipino or a Bhutanese. So you can just imagine the beautiful relationship that might be formed between a Filipino and a Bhutanese. It will be lasting and true.



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