Beauty through Simplicity

Women have this thinking that in order to be hailed beautiful, you have to be physically attractive. Even if men are mostly visual, that is not always the case, in fact, it impresses them more to see a girl without make-up or enhancements on, and still be stunning.

That doesn’t mean that women should not fix themselves altogether, though. It would still be a factor if they maintain their beauty through simple ways; the most important ‘SIMPLE’ way to achieve beauty, is by taking care of the first part of a person that is seen, the FACE:


  1. Washing one’s face daily. When washing the face, you have to know thatthere are foam cleansers and scrubs. Foam cleansers are to be used daily, morning and night. Scrubs are to be used twice a week or depending on the need of the face to scrub off dirt. It is used moderately as to not damage the skin and the pores.


  1. Moisturize daily. There are different variations of moisturizers and you have to know which one is the most compatible with your skin. There are day-moisturizers and they usually have sunblock contained in them to protect the face from the UV light. There are also night moisturizers and creams. Some use masks to moisturize their face at night.

Woman Drinking Water

  1. Drinking lots of water. Water has been proven to wash away toxic substances in the body and being hydrated contributes to the health of the skin.

Hand holds a box of vitamin E

  1. Vitamin E intake. Not only will vitamin E help maintain skin health, it also contributes to maintain the health of the hair. Vitamin E possesses antioxidants that help maintain healthy skin and keep it smooth and hydrated.


  1. Eliminating stress. This is true, your overall health depends on how you respond to the stimulus around you. If you give in to stress and neglect the necessary activities you need to do to keep yourself happy and healthy, then it would gravely affect your skin, you will get more breakouts and wrinkles. Always make sure that you keep yourself happy and well-rested.



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