IACE-Philippines and IMSL-Bhutan signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement

IACE-Philippines and IMSL-Bhutan signed a Strategic Partnership Agreement

About International Academy for Continuous Education

IACE Family

The International Academy for Continuous Education (IACE) is an executive educational institution catering to the demands of industry and aims to turn the tide of continuous learning in the Philippines. It is currently in the forefront of developing cutting edge programs geared towards harnessing the innate talents of its trainees. It provides not just a common structured curriculum, but also adaptive and learner-centered programs that will immerse participants in concepts, best practice, and even experience a different kind of culture.

IACE x IMSL Joint Venture Agreement


Thus, to uphold and stay true to its aims and visions, IACE partnered with the Institute for Management Studies Limited (IMSL), a pulsating limited institute in Bhutan, established in 2008, coinciding with the historic coronation of Druk Gyalpo Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck and the centenary celebration of monarchy.
This joint venture will strengthen the partnership and connection of both institutes for their respective countries for a more successful and interactive community of learning.

About Institute for Management Studies Limited (IMSL)


Institute for Management Studies Limited (IMSL) was founded by a group of enthusiastic promoters with long years of working experience in the government, corporate and private sectors.

It has contributed in developing human capacities and human dynamics in the country through its wide range of innovative services that is abreast with the pace of time. IMS has entrusted itself with the mandate to engage in the development of human resources in the public and private sector agencies. Its development intervention is mainly through training and consultancy services in the field of management.



IACE and IMS shall be launching the first run of the program Seeds of Happiness for the Philippines, this will be happening by the 3rd Quarter of 2017.

Seeds of Happiness
The program creates a rare experience of time and space for you to contemplate and reflect so that you gain new insights and meanings and attain a more balanced and a harmonious way of living your life. Seeds of Happiness simply brings these serenemystical settings to recreate an experience – exotic and extraordinary for you to re-discover yourself. Through reflections and meditations, interaction with the Bhutanese, storytelling and field visits to touch, to feel and to taste Bhutan, this 6-Day Program will take you through the outdoor experience and visits, complemented by talks, discussions and interactive sessions on nurturing Seeds of Happiness.

It includes the following activities which will be conducted by IMS at Bhutan:

1. GNH: connecting to personal happiness
Upon arrival, visitors will be welcomed by receiving Khadhar (a ceremonial scarf of good luck) at Paro Airport. They will also understand the concept of the famous GNP – Gross National Happiness, and know all about its development Philosophy.

2. Meet the Bhutanese: discussing Stories of Happiness
A prologue will open the program in The Bhutanese way with a ritual in the Temple to have pleasant stay by invoking the deities. Visitors will be able to get an insight of Bhutan and catch glimpses of Bhutan’s emergence as a nation. They will also visit Kuensel Phordang and see one of the biggest statues of Buddha in the world where they may wish for peace and prosperity. The spectacular view of the capital city will also be viewed. In the Happiness Garden, the visitors will be able to plant a tree of Happiness and leave behind their foot prints in Bhutan. An interactive session on the culture of Bhutan will make the visitors know more about birth and death. Furthermore, to get in touch and let their friends know their adventure and travel while in Bhutan, they can get their personal stamp and send their wishes home. Team building and exercise of bonding with traditional games (Archery and Darts) will pave ways for the visitors to befriend and be in the company of others, that will surely gain them lots of friends at the end of the day as they have met Bhutanese people and have shared personal stories on Life and Happiness over the warmth of a bon fire.

3. Living with nature: hiking, rafting, playing traditional games, camping with bonfire
Hiking to ChhimiLhakang, the Temple known for its spiritual power for fertility and to KhamsumYuelleyNamgyel, Stupa dedicated to the fifth King and for world peace, and hiking through paddy fields will make the visitors feel and know the rural side of Bhutan. A raft ride in the Mochhu, the female glacier river and paying a visit to the fortress of great happiness, or the fortress between male and female rivers will give the visitors a memorable experience. They will also be able to hike at the Taktshang monastery (Tiger’s Den), a 2-3 hours uphill walk along the woods wherein they will have spectacular photo moments and relish a walk on the 800 meters high cliff face. And after all these hikes, they can relax with a hot stone bath.

4. A day at Village
Immersion in the village will be experienced by the visitors as they will be meeting and eating with the Bhutanese farmers and their family, interaction with the Bhutanese children and educators as they visit a school.
5. They will also get to wear and try on the Bhutanese Gho and Kira.

6. The Takin Reserve will give the visitors the opportunity to see the Takin (budorcastaxicolor), Bhutan’s national animal mythically created by a divine mad man. The handicraft market will also be visited. Driving to the old capital of Bhutan, Punakha will bring enjoyment to the visitors followed by the passing at the Halt at the Dochula, where they will feel the walk among the clouds and enjoy the spectacular view of the snowcapped mountains of the western Himalayas. Drinking Tea and some picture taking will be done at the Royal Botanical Park, they will also get to see His Majesty’s office and take pictures of it as background and the Paro Valley. They will also get to visit the fortress, “the heap of jewels” where famous Hollywood movie ‘The little Buddha’ was filmed and stroll at the Paro town.
Seeds of Happiness invite everyone to enjoy a higher quality of life by attaining a harmonic balance of living and experience a new culture.

For more information about the Seed of Happiness kindly contact International Academy for Continuous Education at +63 2 9869814 or email us at info@iace.ph

Happy Birthday Sir A!

Sir A, Happy Birthday!

IACE's Director Aries Balanay in Paro Airport, Bhutan

“There’s no second chance at making a good first impression”. This saying has guided the 30 year old creative marketing guru, Mr. Aries Balanay, “Sir A” to his corporate colleagues, presently one of the promising and innovative creative marketing directors today with in-depth experience in the advertising and strategic marketing.


He has proven his exceptional skills at producing creative ideas at the drop of a hat because at a young age, he was able to establish businesses in the field of creative advertising. Being a professor in several Ivy League caliber universities in the Philippines, where he teaches subjects related to marketing and multimedia, he has proven his passion for continuous education and learning.


His previous experience in working at the American Embassy in Manila made him at ease with dealing with international clientele, and consequently, he is the Director of the International Academy for Continuous Education, an institute dedicated to providing training for professionals in the international level.


Having the innate skills of being a leader, he also actively serves and volunteers for different organizations, and his hard work made him one of the youngest presidents of JCI Makati and currently, the youngest president ever elected in the Rotary Club of Intramuros.


He became part of the success of JCI Bhutan as he was the bridge who introduced the president of JCI Bhutan to JCI Asia Pacific Development Council.


Having served the Junior Chamber International – Makati as the 2015 President, which became the Best Local Organization, Category 2 in Area 2 and the Best Local Organization, Category 2 in the Philippines, he has accomplished outstanding projects which are mostly dedicated to education. Additionally, he was able to recover the JCI Makati Clubhouse located in Cityland 8 Makati City at no expense to the organization.


All of these achievements in his life were because of the sense of social responsibility that runs through him. The projects that have greatly benefited the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that were under his leadership and the trainees he accommodates, are manifestations of his dedication in his work. Even with all the accomplishments tied to his name, he remains grounded; a gentleman, of genuine character and humility.

IACE's Director Aries Balanay wearing "Gho" (Bhutan's National Dress) in the heart of Thimpu

IACE’s Director Aries Balanay wearing “Gho” (Bhutan’s National Dress) in the heart of Thimpu

To Sir A you have guided us on each step of the way. We appreciate that a lot and on your big day we wish you a great success and well-being.

Acho Regie

Acho Regie


For almost 10 years, Mr. Regie C. Boquio paved ways for arranging training in the Philippines for the clients from Bhutan. He has arranged and successfully managed different training that served more than 1,000 Bhutanese professionals on different fields.

Tracing his work background, he initially worked at Informatics as a Technical Person, where he was first exposed to training for international professionals as he was a Technical Person there and acquired his skills in coordinating training. His good interpersonal relationship skills deep understanding of the Bhutanese culture brought him a lot of clients.


Mr. Regie together with his first ever trainee in 2009, Mr. Birju Sunwar of Ministry of Health

His first client, Mr. Birju Sunwar, whom he met back in January 2009,still contacts him if there are clients who are looking for a training in the Philippines,

“Mr. Regie Boquio, my best buddy, is such a wonderful gentleman. His assistance towards me and the people I introduced him to is immeasurable, in regards to any matter. He is the most trustworthy, selfless and reliable person.  He never lets us down while availing training in Philippines. I must say he is our “Bhutanese Ambassador in the Philippines. He really takes care of all the Bhutanese coming to his place of training institute.I wish him and his beloved family all the good luck and successes in their career and future endeavors. All the very best my dearest Buddy!”


Godfather Mr. Birju Sunwar together with godson Matthew (Mr. Regie’s son)

They are very good friends that Mr.Birju even became the godfather “ninong” of Regie’s son, Matthew.

He left his work at Informatics in 2014.


RMA's IT Department hosted Mr. Regie for lunch in Thimpu

RMA’s IT Department hosted Mr. Regie for lunch in Thimpu

Regie has visited the Royal Government of Bhutan twice, which even tightened his relationships, which are grounded on trust and friendship, with every Bhutanese client he has ever served.

Mr. Regie's friends from Gross National Happiness

Mr. Regie’s friends from Gross National Happiness

His visits in Bhutan were fruitful and pleasing, that when he availed of the local sim card there and posted his number online, a lot of his previous clients were calling him up and inviting him to bond with them that in a day, he had around 6-7 meetings.


Regie’s former trainees from Bhutan Telecom

In the industry that he is working with, it is very important to know and be familiar with the client, especially their culture, tradition, and preferences, and Regie already knows about the Bhutanese, which makes him very loved by them.

Regie's picture in Tiger's Nest

Regie’s picture in Tiger’s Nest

He is now working for the International Academy for Continuous Education as the Training Coordinator. He loves his work and is really aiming to give the best kind of training for every client. All clients that he has served are really lucky to have been taken care of by such a work-dedicated person.

Photoshop picture of Mr. Regie together with his clients/friends from different ministries in Bhutan

Photoshop picture of Mr. Regie together with his clients/friends from different ministries in Bhutan

When asked how he manages to arrange different training for clients, “I have spent years working in a corporate setting and I must say that that has contributed greatly to the development of my work performance. It is very important that one loves his work, I mean, you must not be after the money (but of course, that’s part of it), but you must be after the purpose of your work delivered in an efficient manner, not doing the work just for the sake of doing it, quality is the key. One may do work in a short period of time but in a not-so satisfying manner. But others do work in a slow pace but you are sure that they did their work efficiently. The secret is, you do both. Do work efficiently in a reasonable period of time. But most importantly, aim to provide for the specific need/s of your client. Just love what you’re doing and all will go smoothly. Compassion and hard work will make your work, whatever it may be, effective.”


Institutional Study Visit of Dzongkhag Administration, Mongar on Drinking Water Supply Management, Operations and Maintenance

Institutional Study Visit of Dzongkhag Administration, Mongar on Drinking Water Supply Management, Operations and Maintenance

An institutional study visit on Drinking Water Supply Management, Operations and Maintenance, was conducted by International Academy for Continuous Education last February 20-24, 2017 for the Dzongkhag Administration, Mongar, of the Royal Government of Bhutan. The institutional study visit aimed to introduce to the delegates the existing setting of water management and operation here in the Philippines, so that they may use it as a benchmark for their future program development back in Bhutan.

Additionally, the institutional study visit also helped them understand the technical operation and maintenance tasks associated with supplying water, including the technical aspects of water transport and distribution to ensure a reliable supply of safe drinking-water.


International Academy for Continuous Education led by Dir. Aries Balanay welcomed The District Governor Dasho Ugyen Sonam, District Commissioner, District Engineers, Project manager, Technicians, Surveyor and accountants of the Dzongkhag Administration with the traditional welcoming of putting lei (garland of flowers) around their necks in the airport. They then had lunch at the Food Club and visited the well-known Manila Hotel.


LWUA administrator Andres F. Ibarra together with the participants from Mongar District, Royal Government of Bhutan

They visited the Local Water Utility Administration (LWUA) during the first day of the workshop as they were welcomed by the LWUA administrator Andres F. Ibarra. Hydrology, water supply and water demand management, water transport and distribution were explained by LWUA’s Engineer DaniloBasilio. Engineer Allen Lowe also discussed about water treatment, pumps, pipes and storage the following day.


Attorney Leah Javier (Manager for Corporate Affairs division) discussed the Management structure and the operation of the Bulacan Water District



Engineer Florencio Lorenzo Manager of Water treatment Plant Division discussed about their water treatment process to the delegates from Mongar District, Royal Government of Bhutan

Attorney Leah Javier (Manager for Corporate Affairs division), Engineer Florencio Lorenzo (Manager for Water Treatment Plant Division), and Engineer Jay Limense delivered the lectures about the operation and maintenance of a drinking water supply during the site visit at San Jose Del Monte Water District, Bulacan on the third day.


The Batangas City Water District General Manager, Mrs. Yolanda Oyao and the team had a round table discussion together with Mongar District Delegates regarding Water District Management and Operation


Mongar District Delegates together with Batangas Water District Management and officials. Picture taken in front of their office.

Mongar District Delegates together with Batangas Water District Management and officials. Picture taken in front of their office.

The Batangas City Water District General Manager, Mrs. Yolanda Oyao warmly welcomed the delegates on the fourth day as they are to complete their workshop with the Batangas City Water District.  Department Manager Engineer Bernardo C. Hornillaand Engineer Jose Roberto Maranan discussed with them the drinking water and treatment systems.

Engr. Bernardo Hornilla guide the Mongar District delegates in visting wells of Batangas City Water District

Engr. Bernardo Hornilla guide the Mongar District delegates in visting wells of Batangas City Water District

The delegates also were able to visit the Batangas Capitol during the afternoon. They were warmly welcomed by the Capitol Administrator Mr. Librado Dimaunahan and Ibaan City Councilor Socrates Arellano.


Mongar District Govern Dasho Ugyen Sonam courtesy call with Batangas Capitol Administrator

The awarding of the certificates by IACE CEO Susana Balanay together with President Dr. Albert Alday took place on the last day.


IACE CEO Susana Balanay and IACE President Albert S. Alday awarding the certificate to Mongar District Governor, Dasho Ugyen Sonam

Dasho Ugyen Sonam commended IACE Management team for delivering the institutional study visit more than expected as he said “Thank you IACE for arranging the training you made our stay here wonderful, not only the training part but all other aspects that go with the training”

The training ended with a send off lunch in Barbara’s Restaurant located in the oldest district of Manila in Intramuros, they were personally entertained by the owner Madame Barbara Delos Reyes and prepared a special recipes, Gambas and Fried Crablets cooked and served by Madame Barbara.


Mongar District Delegates together with Barbara’s owner Madame Barbara Delos Reyes


Mongar District Delegates serenaded by Barbara’s Restaurant musician while having lunch.

Places to visit with loved ones

Places to visit with loved ones

There are so many beautiful places in the world to visit with your loved ones. But Europe definitely is topping the list that you must go to. If given the opportunity, and I don’t only mean visa granting, but financially as well, then you must plan a European tour.

Make sure to include the following places in your travel plan:



Roma is a can’t-miss spot on your European tour. The Italian food, The Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Trevi Fountain are places you cannot skip.



Paris has the famous museums Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay, monuments like the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe and churches like the Sacré-Cœur and Notre Dame.



That nursery song you sang when you were little is definitely a must place to see with your own very eyes. Also include the British Museum, the Tower of London.



This is definitely one place that you cannot just miss. The City of Water isn’t only for swooning lovebirds, Venice boasts of theaters, churches, historic sites and notable eateries, that all types of travelers will enjoy this place.



Renowned museums, stunning architecture and mouth-watering cuisine, Florence will give it to you. You must see Michelangelo’s David and climbing to the top of the Duomo.



Do you love architecture? Gaudi’s ParcGüell, La SagradaFamília, La Seu and Montjuïc Castle are must visit places. Then relax and enjoy the place more at Las Ramblas.



Ride a bike along the city’s canals and stylish streets and visit Amsterdams’ noteworthy museums.


The gothic architecture and music alone will convince you enough to stay at the place.


Go to the Habsburg’s Schonbrunn Palace, the streets of the InnereStradt, and the MuseumsQuartier and tour the Museum of Modern Art.


Finally, for the food lovers out there, you must definitely visit Tuscany to savor traditional Italian food.

Origin of Valentine’s Day

Origin of Valentine’s Day


People exchange cards, love letters, gifts, candies, chocolates and flowers during 14th of February.  Valentine’s Day is the day of romance and showing affection for another person. It is to give honor to Saint Valentine.


It started in the 3rd century with an oppressive Roman emperor named Claudius II and Christian Martyr named Valentinus. Emperor Claudius banned marriage because he thought unmarried men made better soldiers while married men made bad soldiers. Valentinus broke the rules and secretly arranged marriage because he thought that the emperor was unfair. He was caught and thrown in the jail. He was even sentenced to death on February 14. But before he was taken to be killed, he sent a love letter to the jailer’s daughter whom he felt in love with.  The letter was signed with “form your valentine”.


Celebrating the romance day originated from Roman festival called ‘Lupercalia’ in the middle of February. It was a pagan fertility and heath festival during 13th to 15th of February. During this gathering, boys drew names of girls from a box and they will be boyfriend and girlfriend for that day. They can also be married.


Time passed by, the festival was turned into a Christian celebration by Pope Gelasius to remember St. Valentine. Today, it is special day to express love for important people in one’s life. It could be our mother, father, grandparents, siblings, teacher or a special someone.

Bicol Express: The Spicy Filipino Food

Bicol Express: The Spicy Filipino Food

To all the spicy food lovers:


Have you ever tried pork cooked in coconut milk with shrimp paste and chilies? It must be your first time to hear that if you’re not Filipino. That dish is famously called Bicol Express, and is called as such because it originated in the Philippine region, Bicol, wherein Coconuts are abundant and the use of chilies is emphasized in most local meals.

Here is a simple recipe, adapted from Panlasangpinoy.com that you can try at your own home so you can get a taste of the famous Bicol Express of the Philippines.

Bicol Express Recipe

  • Preparation time: 5 mins
  • Cook time: 55 mins
  • Total time: 1 hour
  • Author: VanjoMerano
  • Cuisine: Filipino Recipe
  • Serves: 6


  1. 3 cups coconut milk
  2. 2 lbs pork belly, cut into strips
  3. ½ cup Shrimp Paste
  4. 1 tbsp Garlic, minced
  5. 6 pieces Thai chili or Serrano pepper
  6. 3 tablespoons minced ginger
  7. 1 medium onion, minced
  8. 2 tablespoons cooking oil
  9. Salt and Pepper to taste


  1. Heat a pan and then pour-in the cooking oil.
  2. Sauté the garlic, onion, and ginger
  3. Add the pork and then continue cooking for 5 to 7 minutes or until the color becomes light brown
  4. Put-in the shrimp paste and Thai chili or Serrano pepper. Stir.
  5. Pour the coconut milk in. Bring to a boil. Simmer for 40 minutes or until the pork is tender
  6. Add salt and ground black pepper to taste
  7. Serve Hot. Enjoy!

(Bicol Express: The Filipino Spicy Food)

Choosing the Right Career

Choosing the Right Career

Career Concept

Find out what career is fit for you truly matters. To be able to do it, you should know talents, interests, values and personality.  Keep in mind what you’re good at and use it to decide a specific career for you. If the career fits these criteria, you will be satisfied with your work.

Have own decision and preference in your career. Ignore people who tell you what work you should do.


What you need to do is to assess yourself. Online resources can help you choosing which career you should choose. Also, better choice is made with the advice of career development professional. Have a list of careers you are interested and learn about it. Through research, you can have enough basic information with what kind of work is involved in varied careers.


Once you eliminate careers you don’t want to pursue any further, you can conduct informational interviews with people who have knowledge about career you consider.

[ File # csp14921266, License # 2977341 ] Licensed through http://www.canstockphoto.com in accordance with the End User License Agreement (http://www.canstockphoto.com/legal.php) (c) Can Stock Photo Inc. / Orla

Many people change their minds about their career. It is normal to quit when you know you’re in the wrong spot. This is to continuously find your right spot. So better think several times until you are satisfied. Also, know your short and long-term goal. Apply an internship with the career you want for so long so that you will know if you’re really happy about it. Having real-life experience in the work environment where you think you want to work can help make up your mind.


Consider time and know where you will enjoy fulfilling your aspirations in life. Your passion with what you’re doing is the most important thing to keep you contented even through tough times of your career.

Developing Self-Trust

Developing Self-Trust

“The greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself.” ― Michel de Montaigne

Trusting yourself will get you anywhere because you can achieve anything. One must stop pleasing others and just learn to appreciate the potential in you.


We develop self-trust by honoring our own selves, instead of bringing ourselves when we commit mistakes.


With this, it is also essential that we learn to choose the people who can help us and we distance ourselves from people who undermine our self-trust. Stick with the people who will help you identify your unloved parts and veer away from the toxic people.

Self-trust can be developed by nurturing our innermost thoughts. It is a duly established fact that we cannot control all the things happening around us, so the way to deal with them is to acquaint our minds to optimism.


We develop self-trust by honoring every facet of our being, regardless of whether we approve or disapprove of that part of us.

To gain self-trust is to listen to our innermost guidance, rather than be dictated by the never-ending negative thoughts.


Just as Golda Meir said, “Trust yourself. Create the kind of self that you will be happy to live with all your life. Make the most of yourself by fanning the tiny, inner sparks of possibility into flames of achievement.”

Institutional Visit of JDWNRH, Bhutan for Hospital Administration and Management

Institutional Visit of JDWNRH, Bhutan for Hospital Administration and Management

An institutional study visit for Strategic Management for Hospital Administration and Management was successfully conducted by the International Academy for Continuous Education for the officers of the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital (JDWNRH) from Royal Kingdom of Bhutan last January 30 to February 4, 2017.

The JDWNRH is the apex institution of Bhutan in delivering health care services in the country. It caters to the population of Thimphu Dzongkhag and also the non-referred patients from neighboring Dzongkhags and referred cases from the 20 Dzongkhag hospitals.

The study visit consisted of a series of lectures conducted by Dr. Juan Pablo Nanagas, a prominent Ophthalmologist, former Director of the biggest government training hospital in the country The Philippine General Hospital, Dr Nanagas is also a former Undersecretary of the Department of Health during the term of Sec. Juan M. Flavier.

Delegates from JDWNRH together with Dr. Juan Nanagas

Delegates from JDWNRH together with Dr. Juan Nanagas

The participants from JDWNRH; Human Resource Officer Rekha Monger, Administrative Officer Dema Dorji, Planning Officer Ugyen Tshering, and Mr. Narayan Acharya, visited St Luke’s Hospital where they were able to view the rooms for the patients.

JDWRNH together with IACE Director Aries Balanay in front of St. Luke's Hospital

JDWRNH together with IACE Director Aries Balanay in front of St. Luke’s Hospital

During the hospital trip in St. Lukes the team was divided into three groups and had a session with their respective departments, Human Resource Officer Rekha Monger had a one-on-one meeting with St. Lukes HR head, and was introduced to the St. Lukes HR Department’s structure and process flow.

Human Resource Officer Rekha Monger together with St. Lukes HR Department Head

Human Resource Officer Rekha Monger together with St. Lukes HR Department Head

Administrative Officer Dema Dorji and Planning Officer Ugyen Tshering were given a lectures about St. Luke’s strategic plan and for 2020 and their nursing care management.

Administrative Officer Dema Dorji and Planning Officer Ugyen Tshering together with the officers of St. Lukes Nursing Care Department

Administrative Officer Dema Dorji and Planning Officer Ugyen Tshering together with the officers of St. Lukes Nursing Care Department

Mr. Narayan Acharya met with the St. Luke’s Finance Department and introduce to the office’s Finance Information Management System.


The Instituional Study Visit in St. Lukes hospital ended up with hospital tour showing the delegates from JDWNRH St. Lukes’ state-of-the-art equipment and introducing the team to the different heads of their department.

JDWNRH delegates visited "hotel" like atmosphere room of St. Lukes Hospital

JDWNRH delegates visited “five-star hotel” like atmosphere room of St. Lukes Hospital



JDWRNH Delegates visited the hyperbaric chambers of St. Lukes hospital


JDWNRH delegates visited the Cyclotron Deparment of St. Lukes Hospital

JDWNRH delegates visited the Cyclotron Department of St. Lukes Hospital

JDWNRH also visited the second biggest government hospital in the Philippines, The East Avenue Medical Center completed the training as it presented the Philippine’s hospital setting handled in the public sector.

East Avenue Management Team together with JDWRNH delegates

East Avenue Management Team together with JDWRNH delegates

East Avenue Medical Center Finance Team together with JDWNRH delegates

East Avenue Medical Center Finance Team together with JDWRNH delegates

The participants were able to reach their objectives of knowing how the hospitals in the Philippines operate, Human resource management and administration, accounting and finance, and sales and marketing.

The 5 day training ended up with awarding of Professional graduate level certificate for Strategic Management for Hospital Administration awarded by IACE’s President Dr. Albert Alday and CEO Susana B. Balanay

“The practical session of hospital and field visit combined with the theoretical knowledge were very aptly customized and tailored to the training needs of the participants. It was a good learning experience.” Rekha Monger

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