Analytical Problem Solving

This course lets participants use structured tools and techniques to identify problems and their likely causes, and help them arrive at solutions that will solve the problem and prevent it from repeating.

  • Identify problem statements and their corresponding causes
  • Identify solutions given a problem solving framework
  • Explain how to mitigate risks in different situations
  • Apply the discussed concepts to real world problems

The course will utilize lectures with presentations for class discussion. Interactive exercises will be given after lessons. Trainees will also be encouraged to brainstorm ideas during seat works/activities.

Introduction on course roles and goals
Fundamentals of problem solving
Discussing problem solving and decision making
Identifying problems and Handling problems
Problem-solving process
Effective problem-solving approaches
Discussing effective problem-solving approaches
Problem solvers
Identifying problem solvers and their skills
The corporate problem-solving culture
Identifying the corporate culture
Paradigm of positive coaching
Personality and leadership dimensions in coaching
Framework for change management
Risk management and mitigation
Critical thinking
Developing reasoning skills
Developing logic skills
Quantitative analysis
Discussing quantitative analysis techniques
Examining financial analysis techniques
Discussing forecasting techniques
Qualitative analysis
Discussing qualitative analysis techniques
Thinking creatively in problem solving
Using analogies in problem solving
Discussing mind mapping
Managing problem-solving teams
Building a problem-solving team
Conducting team meetings
Driving a successful team
Encouraging team members
Interacting with team members

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