360 Performance Appraisal

A 360 degree appraisal is a type of employee performance review in which subordinates, co-workers, and managers all anonymously rate the employee. This information is then incorporated into that person’s performance review.

  • Recognize and reinforce good performance
  • Align staff roles, responsibilities, and objectives with organizational or program objectives
  • Identify training and professional development needs
  • Identify and formally address problems or issues

The course will utilize lectures with presentations and interactive class discussion. Trainees will also be encouraged to brainstorm ideas during seat works/activities.

  • Introductions and Objectives
  • Defining 360 Performance Appraisal Purpose and Objectives for your Organization
  • Mapping the Process for Your Organization
  • Mapping the Process for your Organization
  • Developing the Tools
  • Establishing a 360 Performance Appraisal Plan
  • Training Staff and Supervisors
  • Implementing and Monitoring the PA Process
  • Action Plan Review and Module Completion

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